New Envi is a privately owned and operated compostable packaging business based in Brisbane, providing eco friendly solutions to local businesses throughout Australia.

With years of first-hand experience working on the frontline of the hospitality industry, our co-founders identified the need for an eco friendly packaging solution that was able to be personalised. Over the years, our co-founders witnessed thousands of plastic-lined coffee cups, straws and packets march out of our cafes. The looming feeling that a change needed to be made has now turned into a passion to help make a positive change was grown.


In Australia, it is estimated that one billion disposable coffee cups are used and discarded each year. These cups are then sent to landfill where it can take up to 30 years to completely decompose. Although the bioplastics industry is rapidly growing, there is still a long way to go in creating products that don’t leave a mark on the planet.

At New Envi, we are not just an eco friendly packaging business. We want to educate and increase awareness around the eco friendly packaging industry and demonstrate how simple changes in behaviour and choices can lead to big changes on a global level.

While we know there is a long way to go in creating products that leave no mark on the planet, we are providing products that are on the forefront of sustainable technology. We have seen incredible improvement and innovation in compostable packaging in recent years, allowing businesses to make a shift to sustainability. See our certifications.

New Envi has a direct partnership with our manufacturer which has enabled us to keep all facets of the business in-house. This includes every aspect from product
design, sourcing materials, supply, and quality assurance to guarantee we meetand exceed Australian quality standards.

We oversee every step of product development, right from the initial design process, through the manufacturing stage and final delivery to our clients. 

Working directly with our manufacturer allows us to have

complete flexibility with any customised product design.

Not only can we create a product to replace your
existing single use plastics, we will design and customise each product specifically to your requirements. Our range comprises of materials made only from renewal resources, including PLA (Poly Lactic Acid), CPLA (Crystalised Poly Lactic Acid),

recycled paper, Sugarcane and bamboo. 

At New Envi we are always looking to the future. We are constantly looking at how our product can improve to be at the forefront of sustainable technology. One of
our core objectives is to commit ourselves to ongoing solutions-based research within the eco-packaging industry.