Compostable packaging requires certain composting conditions to fully decompose. Once the compostable item has been disposed of correctly (either in a home compost or composting facility), the decomposing process will start where under the right conditions, abiotic hydrolysis will activate through a combination of heat, moisture and 60C temperatures.

For more durable and thicker PLA products such as clear PLA cold drink cups and cutlery, we highly recommend the use of industrial composting facilities. While they can break down in a home compost the process can take much longer, given the thickness and durability of the product.

New Envi have been conducting home composting break down trials, to test the suitability of our products. Our aim was to successfully capture the true break down of our products at the simplest level (home composting). To get an accurate, raw break down measurement, we did not use any composting accelerators.

Several product samples were trialed to establish which provided the fastest and most reliable break down. Our coffee cups were the standout in every test, showing signs of breakdown within a matter of days, and completely breaking down in less than 90 days. Head to our homepage to see images of this process.

It is worth noting that break down times can vary depending on the quality of the home compost.

Many of our customers have also successfully home composted the New Envi coffee cups.